Specialist Services


In addition to our regular garage services, we also undertake specialist services such as car air conditioning services
repair and maintenance. Stallings Lane Motors Ltd is also a franchise of Auto-Care to supply and fit their parts.

Take advantage of our specialist services

We're much more than just a garage. We strive to offer you a comprehensive service for anything your car might need.
Want to find out if the noise your engine is making is serious? Bring it to us and we'll treat it to our state-of-the-art diagnostic computers. 
Vehicle AC vent

All year round air conditioning

There's a common misconception with air conditioning that you can only use it to keep cool in the summer. With most modern cars it's actually integrated with the climate control system. This means that they work together to balance the temperature in your car, reducing the chance of your screen steaming up in a morning and increasing the speed at which your car warms up.
Vehicle AC controls

A regular service

Using your air conditioning regularly is great for keeping your family at the right temperature. But, because of the moisture generated, it can also lead to a fungus build up if left untreated. If you get us to give it a regular once over though, you never have to worry about that. We'll deodorise your vents, clean the venting system and make sure that any fungus is eliminated. This will help ease the strain on hay fever sufferers breathing in the bacteria

If you are looking for car air conditioning services in Kingswinford and the surrounding areas,
call Stallings Lane Motors Ltd on
01384 279 604 or 01384 401661

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