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Is it time for an MOT test for your personal or commercial vehicle? At Stallings Lane Motors Ltd,
we carry out MOT tests for ALL types of vehicles.

A fair MOT check

There's nothing worse than taking your car in for an MOT to get a huge bill back. Especially when you find out you've had things tested and repaired that weren't essential. With us though, you'll never get that. We take pride in offering a fair, comprehensive and cost-effective MOT that focuses on making sure your car passes the test rather than lining our pockets with unnecessary repairs.
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More than your average garage

Not every garage can offer the full range of MOTs, from motorbikes and cars to Class 7 MOTs for goods vehicles up to 3,500kg. In fact, there's nothing we can't MOT. So why not bring your motorhome, camper van, courier van, or motorbike to our garage and let us do it for you?

A service you can rely on

When it comes to your car getting serviced or repaired, there's 3 things that are crucial: speed, price and quality. And we excel in every area. We'll never dawdle on a service to charge you extra, so you'll be back driving before you know it.
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Making it easy for you

When you're working full time, the last thing you want to do is spend one of your holidays to get your car MOT'd. That's why we go out of our way to make life easy for you. We'll not only come to your house and pick your car up, but once we've done the work, we'll drop it right back off again - often the same day.

Affordable prices

We're always striving to keep costs down, so you won't have to dip into your savings to fix a radiator. Our workmanship is also top class, meaning any work we do will last for longer. So for any servicing and repairs you need, make sure we're your first choice

You won't be left hanging around

One of the worst parts about taking your car in for a repair or service is the length of time it can take for parts to be ordered. Luckily,
we have online ordering to main dealer franchises and independent parts suppliers, meaning
we have access to a huge range of parts with rapid response times.

If you are looking for an MOT test centre in Kingswinford
call Stallings Lane Motors Ltd on
01384 279604 or 01384 401661

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