Going Abroad


When you take your car to a foreign country, or hire one whilst you’re out there, there can be many regulations you need to understand and relevant documents to carry. 
At Stallings Lane Motors Ltd, we are able to advise you about all aspects of driving in a foreign country.

Going abroad? Know what to expect

Don’t drive abroad unprepared. Especially when you can visit us and get all the advice you need.
We'll help you prepare by telling you exactly what you need to take, exactly what you need to be wary of and how best to avoid getting stranded.
This might include foreign emergency service numbers, going abroad safety kits and much more.
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Before you set off

Familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the country you are visiting – including local speed limits and which side of the road they drive on.
You should be aware that provisional licences are a national document issued within the framework of driver training. They do not entitle the holder to drive outside the territory of the issuing member state.
Check with your insurance company that you’re covered to drive abroad including breakdown recovery and any medical expenses resulting from accidents.
Have your car serviced before leaving the UK.
Check you can comply with the vehicle requirements of the countries you’ll visit (winter tyres may be compulsory in some countries – e.g. Germany)
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What you need to take?

The regulations of what you need to carry with you in your vehicle when you're abroad can differ very much from the UK. One example is your proof of vehicle ownership (V5 log book). In the UK, you are advised not to carry this in your vehicle, however in many European countries if you don't have it, you could be subject to a fine. Always carry a first aid kit, a blanket during winter and a charged mobile phone with credit.
Remember that if you are taking your car out of the country for more than 12 months it is considered to be a permanent export and you need to let the DVLA know.

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