Engine Diagnostics


Whether you have a modern car that has an ECU or a classic that needs manual fault finding,at Stallings Lane Motors Ltd,
we are able TO precisely determine the problem and fix it in an efficient manner.

Get the problem found

Is your car making a strange noise? Or do you think you might not be getting the power you should be?
Don't worry, just bring it down to our testing centre and we'll run it through our highly recommended engine diagnostics.
 Most modern cars have engine management to help identify if there is a fault.
But our advanced machines will be able to find out exactly where the problem is so we can get in there and fix it before it turns serious.
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Keep your engine running smoothly

When you've spent the money on a powerful car, the last thing you need is a fault to be sapping that power. By bringing your car to us, we can test the engine for everything including fuel and ignition problems using the latest in diagnostic software, to ensure that your car's power stays at the highest level.
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Leaders in diesel excellence

We're passionate about diesel engines. We are able to perform engine diagnostics across all diesel and even petrol engines. Whether you're just bringing it in for a check up or you can feel the drive has become different, we have the tools to not only diagnose the problem, but fix it too. This way you can keep your diesel engine running as smoothly and for as long as possible.

Moving with the times

Cars are increasingly relying on electrics for their engine and performance management. Because of that, it means that the majority of faults we see are electrical based. But, as we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find faults in your gearbox, ABS, air conditioning, dashboard and more. Then we'll fix it for you. It means, whatever the problem, we have the solution.

If you are looking for engine diagnostics in Kingswinford and the surrounding areas,
call Stallings Lane Motors Ltd on
01384 279 604 or 01384 401661

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